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If you believe that Jesus is the risen Lord and His Word is true, you are ready to meet Him personally. You can now open the gift of salvation He died to give you.

These are the biblical facts which make it possible for you to have a personal relationship with God:

  • God loves you.He created you and wants to have a personal relationship with you now on earth and eternally in heaven John 3:16; Ephesians 2:4-5.

  • Sin has separated you from God.The Bible defines "sin" as choosing our will over God's. We have each made this mistake Romans 3:23. Our sins have now separated us from our holy God, and He cannot allow us into his perfect heaven. Instead, we are each destined for an eternity separated from God in hell Revelation 19:19-21.

  • You cannot repair your broken relationship with God.Many people think we can be good or religious enough to earn God's forgiveness and go to heaven when we die. But the Bible teaches that the only payment for sin is death Romans 6:23; Ezekiel 18:20. Someone must die for the sins we have committed.

  • Jesus died to pay the debt owed by your sins.Since Jesus was sinless and owed no debt to God, His death could pay for our sins. He took our place on the cross and suffered the penalty we deserved. His death now makes it possible for a righteous God to forgive our sins and offer us salvation Romans 5:8; 2 Corinthians 5:21; 1 Peter 2:24.

  • You must receive the gift He died to give.Now you must choose to trust in what Jesus has done for you rather than trusting in your own efforts to restore your relationship with God. In faith, rely completely on Jesus to make you right with God. Confess your sins and mistakes to God, and choose to live by His Word and will. Decide that you will make Jesus the Lord and Master of your life.

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